My name is Caryn. I'm an aspiring music photographer who lives as a lonely, internet addicted 15-year-old girl in Arizona. Adam Elmakias is my biggest influence. All Time Low is my favorite band. Youtubers and books are great too.

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Guys, okay, so, if you don’t follow my on the blog that I use more now, tomdelxme, please do that because I’m not using this blog anymore. So if you wanna unfollow me on here, and follow me on my main blog, that’d be great. There’s not one day where I’m not updated! I’ve also got 2 other blogs for photography and my edits! Follow those too if you want.

tomdelxme is pretty much the same as this blog, but updated. So to friends on here and mutuals, that’s my blog. Like always, my blog is mainly about All Time Low, and I’ve started reblogging a lot of MCR, Fall Out Boy, Tonight Alive, WAITC, Blink-182, Green Day, P!ATD, & Paramore. I reblog all of the same kinds of posts I did on this blog, humor, bands, photography, etc, such as OM&M, BMTH, & BMTH. To be completely honest, I like that blog better than I ever liked this one. It’s mostly ATL, but still extremely varied. If you check it out, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied if you’re a band blog. So if you want to follow, feel free to follow! If not, it’s alright. Like always, my ask is ALWAYS open. If you wanna talk, feel free to ask me something on this blog, my new blog, photography blog, or my edit blog. I’ll be on this blog for a while and looking through some blogs I follow and that follow me, writing them down for my newer blog, so I can follow all of the blogs I reblogged from a lot on this one.

- Caryn <3